What Makes College Homework Different From A High School One?

After entering a college all your daily routine will change including a homework routine. In order to make a good academic progress and don’t fall behind your class, it’s better to learn the main differences in advance and get prepared for them.

4 Key Differences Between College and High School Homework

  1. Homework schedule.
  2. While in high school the schedule is usually fixed and you have to prepare your assignments for each subject every night, in college you may have different subjects every day and assignments that require more than one day to be completed.

  3. Assignments’ level of difficulty.
  4. In college, you will have to deal with far more difficult assignments that often require intensive thinking process, some research, and creative approaches. Not all of them have straight correct or incorrect answers, so that’s another thing you will have to get used to.

  5. Grading system.
  6. Unlike in high school, in college teachers often don’t grade every given assignment. They consider them more like practical tasks for a better understanding of the material. However, constant skipping of doing your assignments may lead to poor results during tests.

    4. Time management.

    At first, it seems like in college you have far more free time than in high school. However, it’s very hard to estimate the amount of time that performing of your tasks will take. You will have to manage your free time by your own and do it wisely in order to have enough time for studying and enough time for rest.

How to Make Preparing of Your College Homework Easier?

  • Build an effective personal studying schedule.
  • Try to evaluate the time each task will take as soon as you get it. If you have such a possibility, do some assignments in advance in order to decrease the future level of load. Always complete the most important, difficult, and urgent tasks first of all.

  • Study in the morning hours.
  • This time is ideal for all kinds of intellectual work as it naturally increases the level of attention and concentration and helps to cope easily with the most intricate issues.

  • Review your notes every day.
  • By acting so you can learn some new details that have previously escaped your attention and understand the material better which makes doing your assignments an easy task.

  • Take small breaks.
  • Making small breaks after every hour of studying is a very effective practice. It can also serve as an excellent tool for motivation if it’s hard for you to get started.