How To Help Your Child To Do Kindergarten Fluency Homework

A frustrating thing for most parents is getting their young child into the habit of doing their homework. You know the importance of it but they don’t realize that it is something that they will have to do for a long time.

There are some ways that you can help your child complete their homework and here are some really good suggestions.

  1. Make it fun
  2. The first thing that you need to do is find a way to make the assignments fun for your child. You can make it like a game so that your child doesn’t feel like it is work. You can find different ways to help them while making it fun.

  3. Create a routine
  4. The best way to prepare your child for doing homework is to create a routine in your home that includes time to do the work. You want to set aside some time everyday around the same time every day so that they will expect it.

  5. Communicate with the teacher
  6. You should have open communication with the teacher because the way we learned things are different from how they are teaching kids today to do the same things. If you are trying to help your child and it is different from how their teacher is teaching them, it will only be confusing and will make the get frustrated faster.

  7. Let them try for themselves
  8. Even if it takes your little one the entire night to complete their work, you have to let them work through it. I am not saying to let them do it all by themselves but you don’t want to get frustrated that they are not understanding it and just give them the answers. Explain it to them in several different ways, find a video on the internet to help them, or sit there for support. You can help them but you don’t want to just give them the information.

  9. Refresh their memories
  10. When you are driving in the car, have them spell their spelling words or answer math questions. Ask them what three times eight is and then if they don’t get it right, spell it out for them. Repeat the information over and over until they memorize it. Don’t forget to quiz them again with the same question before the end of your trip. A lot of things they need to know needs to be memorized and that is a great way to get them to memorize it.