Is Homework Harmful Or Helpful: An Expert's Point Of View

There are opposite opinions on the utility of homework for students. On one hand, too much assignments could be troublesome to handle by students who have leaning difficulties. On the other hand, the lack of daily tasks is negative, as well. Most students need to review the content in a daily basis so as to manage the skill that are necessary to pass the upcoming tests. Being realistic, we ought to admit that not all the students are as skilled. Therefore, teachers should be careful about how to deliver assignments.

  • Pros
  • The classical approach to teaching requires sending some exercises after every lesson in order to let the pupils review the content of the subject. The difficulty of the homework depends on every teacher and the learning skills of the students; it should be balanced. However, some students may get confused if the pressure is too high. In this regard, tutors are responsible for managing the situation so as to support the students who are having trouble with the exercises.

  • Cons
  • As I mentioned before, neither too little, nor too much. The aim of homework is to help the student understand the contents. If this requirement is not fulfilled, there may be too many failures in the tests. In this context, exams serve to assess if the class masters the basic skills or not. If there are too many students who fail an exam, it may indicate that the teacher is not correctly delivering daily assignments which support the lessons. In this case, measures should be taken so as to solve the situation before it gets worse.

Frequently, most of the students pass the tests without much effort. However, when the failures reach an important percentage it means that the teacher is being inefficient. Another useful resource is to propose group work so that the students interchange opinions on the current topics of study. This kind of projects help a lot to review the most relevant points in the subject.

In addition, there should be a balance between work in class and self-study. By doing so, the students will revise the relevant points in order to comply with the requirements of the projects. What's more, the Internet provides a lot of resources for both students and teacher looking forward to mastering the topics. Keep in mind that the best way to learn is by practising.