The Debate On Homework Is A Waste Of Time: What The Experts Say

If you are a student or were a student at some point in your life, you would have completed homework in one form or the other. There have been many debates about the relevance of this practice as a form of assistance to the learning process and the results may be quite surprising to some. Here are 7 reasons why homework is a waste of time, according to the experts:

  1. Homework is widely unregulated
  2. It is usually up to the school or district to decide the amount and types of assignments each student group receives. As a result, different students from various schools often have different amounts and types of studies to do when out of school, which indicates that assignments don’t have a scientific basis as a form of study.

  3. It occupies a child’s relaxation time
  4. The school day usually occupies most of the daylight time regardless of your location in the world. This, accompanied by large amounts of required home studies, can be a leading cause of depression and deviant behavior in children.

  5. It removes the fun from learning
  6. You are required to study all day in school and when that is finished, you now have to go to you dwelling and repeat the process. This monotonous system of education can cause learn to seem more like torture rather than an engaging, interesting experience.

  7. It creates expenses that could have been better used
  8. One assignment type that is often most troublesome to students and parents is the project. These projects often require some money and lots of time, resources that could have been used to better enhance the educational experience.

  9. Lack of exercise
  10. Obesity among young people has been on the rise and one possible contributor to this is homework. Young children need to be active, to play and run outdoors with their friends.

  11. Parents are sometimes forced to do the assignments themselves
  12. Projects may have been intended to be completed by the student but this is not always the case. Many parents are forced to assist and even complete their child’s class project because the deadlines and demands are simply too much for a young child.

  13. Teachers often don’t have time to check assignments
  14. A teacher of a class of 20 and quite possibly other classes as well, cannot possibly have the time necessary to check the assignments of all participants.