Question Of The Day: Is Homework Beneficial To High School Students?

Homework is a hot debate for scientists and teachers since a long time. They argue over different pros and cons of policy home assignments for students of different grades. Even though scientists have proved that there is no benefit of homework for primary grade kids, but there is a huge debate for it in high school students. According to a research, high school students only need to write 2 hours of home assignments a day after a tiring routine at school. However, the amount of home tasks students receive is far more than that.

This article provides a number of opinions from various teachers and students upon whether they should have home tasks or not. While some say it is important to have these assignments, a large group argues that these papers are useless. You can analyze on your own whether this is a good method or not.

Case for homework

A large group admits that home tasks are essential and important for students because it helps them memorize their work taught in school and gives them a chance to prepare for their tests at school. They can revise the concepts taught in class when they attempt their assignments. Teachers believe that these assignments help them judge the performance of each student and they can determine the areas that need improvement in each student.

People also believe that these assignments help the students in learning life skills and independence. They can develop problem solving skills and critical thinking for the major decisions in their life. A student has more to contribute towards the society in the long run because they have enough discipline and learning from school.

Students learn to organize their tasks and perform well in academic papers when they attempt their assignments on their own. A student will have the sense of responsibility when he knows he has to attempt the tasks on his own.

Case against homework

A large group of students and researchers believe that these tasks are useless and cause harm to the student. They think that students already have too much on their mind to tackle with home assignments.

These assignments kill the creativity of the students and do not allow time for learning and development due to lack of free time.


Home tasks are beneficial as long as they are personalized for each student and allow them to perform their best.