Online Physics Homework Help For Free – 5 Best Options

Physics can be a very difficult subject for students to learn: in some ways it is like math in that you must learn lots of different equations and how to use them. But unlike math you must also be able to use more critical thinking to know when to use the different equations and how to go about solving a complex problem. Because of this, physics homework can be a real challenge to students. Luckily, there are some great online resources to help you with your assignments. Keep in mind, however, that not all online resources are created equal. Because physics is a subject that builds off itself as you go through it, you must make sure that you are actually learning the concepts and theories from the online help, not just getting answers to your assignments. Otherwise you may find yourself falling behind in the class.

There are the 5 best options for online help for your physics assignments:

  1. Websites of physics departments
  2. Many physics departments, whether they are at the high school or university level, have lots of online resources on their websites. These can range from physics dictionaries and encyclopedias where you can search for terms and concepts, to step by step instructions on how to solve problems. Try to find one of these websites that you like in particular and bookmark it so you can come back to it every time you need help.

  3. Websites of physics text books
  4. Similarly, many text book publishers have developed websites to go along with their books. For some of these you need a code from the book to access, but others are free to access.

  5. Equation solvers
  6. Because a big part of many physics assignments is solving equations, finding a simple online problem solver can help you to avoid mistakes with the math that could lead to you getting the problem wrong. Keep in mind though, that with most of these equation solvers you will need to figure out what equation to use and pull the relevant information out of the word problem.

  7. Online search
  8. Many simple issues with your assignment can be solved with a simple online search. When you do this, be sure to be as specific as possible.

  9. Physics chat rooms
  10. This can be a risky place to go because you never know if the person on the other end knows what they’re talking about. But if you’re stumped they can be a good resource.